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Fulfilling, meaningful journeys that go beyond the ordinary.

At excavate.in JOURNEYS we believe that an experience should move you, help you rediscover the world around you, reorient your mind, and reprioritise what really matters.

And how do we provide such an experience? By guiding you through some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet.

The simple and wholesome joy of being in nature is very easy to forget in the humdrum of everyday life. Through our journeys together we will rediscover that joy, and it’s ability to elevate and heal one’s spirit. 

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Discover raw magnificence

A Look Inside the world

We promise to help you rediscover something else too – the excitement of exploring the earth in a way that awakens the curious child in you. 

When was the last time you asked ‘too many questions’? When was the last time you wondered at the people, landscapes passing you by and were filled with an eager curiosity to know more about them?

Well, come along with us, and we assure you we won’t complain about the number of questions! Our eclectic bunch of guides are well-versed in the local flora & fauna, history, culture, and geology.

More importantly, our trips focus on helping you understand the interconnectedness that characterises our relationship with the earth, and the way our lifestyles are taking a toll on our fragile, and only home. The realisation that there is a better, more responsible way to explore our greatest treasures, is one that you will have on your own.

Learn how to save the planet while you travel.

where are we going in 2019?

Nga-tang Ladakh-a cha-at le! (We are going to Ladakh!)

A land of breathtaking(literally) beauty, and a people of exemplary warmth & vigour.

Ladakh has been home to humanity for more than 10,500 years, but journeying through the monumental mountains and towering passes, it isn’t easy to understand how we have been able to live in such harmony with a terrain so unforgiving.

Tag along on an exhilarating adventure across this corner of High Asia and uncover the history of the pashmina trade, ponder at the 1000-year old murals in Alchi monastery, spot the Himalayan Marmot and the Tibetan Wild Ass on the wind-blown Changthang plateau, and be stunned speechless by the ever-changing hues of the 14,270 ft high Pangong-Tso.

Ladags ma-ldemo duk!
(Ladakh is very beautiful!)

The time is now

bookings opening soon for 2019

Come along with us on a journey that inspires, and helps rediscover.